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3 February 2023

Recoverability of Foreign Lawyer Costs in the Singapore International Commercial Court

Colin Seow

Published on e-First 3 February 2023

2 February 2023

The Honourable Judge of the High Court See Kee Oon, Fact Finding and Reality: A Judicial Decision-Making Primer (Academy Publishing, 2022) [Book Review]

Mohamed Faizal Mohamed Abdul Kadir SC

Published on e-First 2 February 2023

19 December 2022

Cross-Border REIT “Insolvencies” and Recognising Foreign Insolvency-Related Judgments in Singapore: Re Tantleff, Alan [2022] SGHC 147 [Case Note]

Rabin Kok

Published on e-First 19 December 2022

2 December 2022

Shareholders' Petitions in Singapore to Wind Up a Foreign Company on the Just and Equitable Ground: Lessons from Hong Kong

Tan Jui Yang Benedict

Published on e-First 2 December 2022

7 November 2022

Trust and Confidence in Employment Contracts - Fact or Myth?: Dong Wei v Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd [2022] 1 SLR 1318 [Case Note]

Tan Ly-Ru, Dawn & Tristan Weijian Teo

Published on e-First 7 November 2022

14 October 2022

The Doctrine of Unilateral Severance and its Potential Development in Singapore

Koh Zhi Jia

Published on e-First 14 October 2022

7 October 2022

Instrumentality and the Scope of the Unlawful Means Tort

Joshua Phang Shih Ern & David Tan

Published on e-First 7 October 2022

19 September 2022

Lye Lin Heng, Koh Swee Yen and Elaine Chew, Lye Lin Heng’s Landlord and Tenant Law in Singapore (LexisNexis, 2nd Ed, 2020) [Book Review]

Kevin Gray

Published on e-First 19 September 2022

27 June 2022

Reconsidering the Imposition of Dual Vicarious Liability in the Borrowed Employee Context: The Singapore Approach in Munshi Mohammad Faiz v Interpro Construction Pte Ltd [2021] 4 SLR 1371 and Hwa Aik Engineering Pte Ltd v Munshi Mohammad [2021] 1 SLR 1288 [Case Note]

Danny Ong, Aaron Yoong & Louis Lau Yi Hang

Published on e-First 27 June 2022

23 May 2022

Service Out Under the New Rules of Court [Legislation Comment]

Ian Mah & Aaron Yoong

Published on e-First 23 May 2022