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1 March 2024

An Empire of Laws: Legal Pluralism in British Colonial Policy by Christian R Burset [Book Review]

The Honourable Justice Choo Han Teck

Published on e-First 1 March 2024

27 February 2024

The Principles Underlying the Break Even Presumption in Reliance Loss Awards: The Circumstances which Justify the Reversal of the Burden of Proof

Darren Low Jun Jie

Published on e-First 27 February 2024

23 February 2024

Expropriation of Shares Via the Corporate Constitution

Stephen Bull

Published on e-First 23 February 2024

13 February 2024

In Whose Interests Should Companies be Run?

The Right Honourable Lady Arden of Heswall, DBE

Published on e-First 13 February 2024

16 January 2024

Autonomous Vehicles and Insurance Law Principles: Navigating New Frontiers in Singapore

Yeo Hwee Ying & Ruth S Yeo

Published on e-First 16 January 2024

9 January 2024

Emojis and Contract Formation: South West Terminal Ltd v Achter Land & Cattle Ltd [2023] SKKB 116 [Case Note]

Soh Kian Peng

Published on e-First 9 January 2024

11 October 2023

Remembering the Late Justice G P Selvam: A Brilliant Legal Mind

Gerome Goh Teng Jun

Published on e-First 11 October 2023

10 October 2023

Sentencing Offenders under the Road Traffic Act for Driving Dangerously or Carelessly While under Influence: Resolving the Double-counting Quandary

Benny Tan Zhi Peng

Published on e-First 10 October 2023

15 September 2023

Down Memory Lane: Peter Ellinger’s Memoirs by Peter Ellinger [Book Review]

The Honourable Justice Choo Han Teck

Published on e-First 15 September 2023

31 August 2023

The “Prevention Principle” and the Implied Duty to Co-operate in Singapore: Ng Koon Yee Mickey v Mah Sau Cheong [2022] 2 SLR 1296 [Case Note]

Tan Kah Wai

Published on e-First 31 August 2023